Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Salam to all..

Long time no see hehe.. Just want to announce that i have officially graduated from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia last Saturday.. Carrying a degree of Sarjana Muda Kejuruteraan Elektrik (Telekomunikasi)..

So now my name officially is Muhamad Firdaus Bin Yusoff, B.Eng haha.. Poyo rite.. Whatever laa.. It's my happy day.. With family of course and all fellow friends that has work hard to reach to this level of achievement..

I'm just happy to make people that we love happy.. What a gift.. May all the knowledge i receive be blessed by HIM and may my life after this success also in the working field.. And this is not the over of seeking knowledge, May Allah make it easy for us..

New format of standard question that will be ask after this.. Blaja sudah, keja sudah, kawen bila lagi?? haha.. Wait laa, not in this near moment.. Want to enjoy my life for a while and focus on career..

Just want to share a few photos on that day.. Hope u all can enjoy it k.. Peace yo..


i n n z c h u b b y said...


tahniah!!! :)

skrg ni dah keje katne?

PiDoT_OtAi said...

makasih inn hehe

keja kat wangsa maju. dekat dengan kolej kedua kita dulu hehe

budak _kecik said...


PiDoT_OtAi said...

thanks aimi hehe.. kamu jugak.. semoga grad dengan cemerlang dan terbilang... hehe


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